Complimentary Admission to the Tower of Songwriters

From the October 2023 Newark, New Jersey Wayfaring Stranger's Guide to the Garden State:

"Week by week, the Tower of Songwriters rises ever higher—a gaudy, outre architectural eruption on the horizon.  Spread on the lawn around the tower are toolboxes & abandoned ideas & what appears be a carnival sideshow, complete with dancing horses.  But the tower itself—built of stones and corrugated copper, rosewood and mother-of-pearl—is tricked out with ornate balconies & turrets, gewgaws of leather & lace, & neon that hums and sizzles in the crepuscular light.  Though the tower is unfinished, already it has been graffitied; some wag has spray-painted 3 chords & the truth above the entrance.  Rising another story above the penthouse:  some manner of steeple, crowned with a lightning rod penetrating the heavens.  The whole enterprise looks like it might topple, but for the tension of strings holding one floor to the next and tethering the tower to the ground.  A crew of attentive roadies holds it all together, tilting the lights, patching the holes where the rain gets in.  From a distance, one might mistake it for a lighthouse or a temple, but up close it looks more like a poorly planned Babel, a ruin-in-the-making.  As usual, the best Jersey real estate was taken, so the founders broke ground on the other side of the tracks.  Be that as it may, decade by decade it’s turned this side of the tracks fashionable now—everyone comes, & nightly, & some even stay till the band packs up, waiting at the stage door for a word from the gods who wander its stairs."

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Why :1952 Vincent Black Lightning" is a song for the ages

"Sharing great songs is like leading your best fishing friend to the bountiful secret trout holes you know, or nudging them into that scruffy bookstore where you can find lost treasures in the history section, or wrapping an arm around their shoulder as you enter that trad bar on a certain backstreet in Derry—when you say, follow me, you’ll love this. & you did, didn’t you?  You loved that Lady Lamb song!"

Photo credit:  Bryan Ledgard (Wikimedia Commons)