Tower of Song

One of the deepest joys of my life is music.  While I’m a 5th-rate musician myself, I claim to have 1st-rate taste in music, which I show off every Monday night on an hour-long and shamelessly opinion program titled Tower of Song.  The show airs at 8 PM Mountain Time on Gila-Mimbres Community Radio, KURU 89.1, which broadcasts from Bullard Street in historic downtown Silver City, New Mexico.  What follows is a bundle of my favorite shows—several of which explore social justice issues, which you may find under the tab labeled "Which Side Are You On?"  Let me here admit that I’m delighted that my show airs just after Amy Goodman signs off from Democracy Now!

It's important to support recording artists and all the people who make the river of sound we swim in possible.  All music featured in these programs has been purchased, never pirated, in the hope that featuring musicians on this site will prompt you to further exploration and, in the end, financial support for your favorite artists.  Just Teaching / Still Learning is a non-commercial site and will remain so.  When we consider the joy that music has infused into our lives, we realize that it comes to us at bargain rates.  Please support your favorite artists and local, live music.

Which Side Are You On?

For the Sake of the Song

Complimentary Admission to the Tower of Songwriters